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Whether it's over windows and doors, or it's over an outdoor fun area, sometimes you need some shade.

We can fabricate a custom awning or shade sail support for your home or business. We also offer DIY shade sail kits.

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Why get a shade sail or awning?

Shade sails not only reduce sunlight (and UV rays), but they also add a modern and beautiful design element to your structure or yard. You'll increase the enjoyment of your patio, playground, park, outdoor restaurant dining, or swimming pool.

Additionally, awnings and shade sails extend the amount of time you can enjoy the outdoors by preventing rain or a harsh sun from sending you inside.

Awning shading can protect exterior surfaces from water damage. It can also reduce sun damage to your interiors.

Awnings can be full metal or metal support with fabric. The metal awnings can be forged from any of a number of metals, some of which are corrosion resistant. Or you can choose one that will develop an attractive patina over time.

What is the best fabric for a shade sail, awning or canopy?

Tensile fabric canopies provide shade and UV protection for commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Their unique design adds an artistic flair to beautify any surrounding.


We use high-quality HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fabric, which does not deteriorate from chemicals, mildew, rot, or the sun. They are used in the following:

  • Fabric awnings

  • Triangle sun shade sails

  • Rectangle shade sails

  • Custom sun sails

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Contact us by phone (above) or by email (below) if you have questions about the sails and awnings we can create for you.

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