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custom-Made Metal Fences

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More examples of fences we've made:

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We are dedicated to helping you create the perfect fence for your needs.

commercial silver metal fence

Contact us by phone (above or by email (below) if you have any questions.

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metal pipe fence
custom residential fence and gate

A metal fence, or one that includes metal, is ideal for securing your residential or business property perimeter or pool area. We can use light-gauge up to heavy-gauge iron pickets and rails for residential and commercial applications.


We build to meet codes, and we can further design it to meet your HOA or CC&R (covenant) requirements. We're able to build the fence between masonry, build it to be freestanding, or attach it to walls.

Design options include:

  • Hoops

  • Scrolls

  • Angled spears (for commercial security)

  • Doggie pickets (small pickets installed between the regular pickets to keep small animals from escaping)


Baked-on powder coating available in standard and custom colors. You can have a combination wood-and-metal fence for more privacy.

We can do a purely utilitarian design or go decorative.

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